Xmas Shopping

BetsyJunk Shop, Steel Boat


There’s still time to have a very merry SV Seeker holiday! Padding the USPS estimates (c’mon.. you know they’re running behind), we are pretty darn confident (no guarantees — but confident) that if you order a T-Shirt or Thermal Mug by this Sunday (Dec. 20, 2015), we can pop it in the mail first thing Monday morning and you will have it in time to shove it in your Christmas stocking.

Rates for USPS Priority mail in the USA are very reasonable. Priority shipping for T-shirts is roughly $5. For actual shipping charges, head on over to our Shop and you can fiddle around clicking the shipment buttons in your cart and see what the charges would be. Yep.. you can cram muliple items together and save on shipping charges when you go Priority.

Get your Jolly on and thanks for your support!