Wheels for the Boat – Part 4 – Dual Lane Trunnions Completed

BetsySteel Boat

Thanks to Chis, John, and Lorenzo for helping finish up the dual lane trunnions. Adding brakes is still up in the air. Our trucker viewers on Facebook are split on the issue, but they only advise adding brakes for an added measure of caution. The house movers don’t use brakes, and the regulations don’t call for them as long as you keep the speed down so you can stop in 40 feet. As we are only going 16 miles, there is no reason to do it any faster that 10 mph. We politely discuss these and other items on our FaceBook group SV Seeker: https://www.facebook.com/groups/svseeker Join us! And like me, you can ask questions and share photos of your project.