WANTED: Arch-Nemesis

BetsySteel Boat

Are you that voice of experience, reason, and knowledge? Do you agree that; “This boat will never see water. It will break up and sink. The welding is substandard. No one should ever go on that boat. The pilot house windows… the propane storage… …and the safety, don’t get me started… Besides Doug Jackson has no leadership ability, can not be trusted, and should never be allowed to launch that boat.” Are you a naval architect, marine engineer, captain, sailor, marine welder, boat builder, Navy, USCG, Come on! I’ve heard it all, but the rest of the world awaits you. And I will support you. Here is your opportunity to speak your mind and do it for a TV audience. Or start your own profitable YouTube channel. Write to me at svseeker@ymail.com with your background experience and list of points you see as failures and I’ll forward your email onto the production company. Thanks –Doug