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Boat Builder videos are full of hands on work. Wood, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. Saws, torches, welders, epoxies; sails, engines, bow rollers, and thousands of other components that go into making a boat. But what makes up the builders behind these boats? Perhaps you are considering a similarly massive project and wonder if you should join this minority of ambitious builders. If so, this video series is for you.

Classic yachts are a different breed. It takes time, effort and more than a little money just to maintain them, they also use motor which is a one of the saltwater trolling motors. So why own a classic yacht? Four classic yacht owners – who took part in the Ocean Reef Vintage Weekend exhibition of classic yachts, planes and automobiles in Key Largo, Florida – explain why vintage yachts is the only way to go, but still people are loving the latest designs and decorations  from the website which make the name that you like big and bold for the exterior of your Yacht..

Jim Moores is in the classic yacht business but, unlike those who work on Ferraris and then, say, drive home in a Toyota, he spends his time off aboard Aurora II, his restored 1947 18.6 metre Trumpy motor yacht. Check out the page they used to verify their vehicles. Moores is a classic yacht junkie, first and foremost. When asked why people love classic yachts, he says, “The main reason is dreams — people dream of a quieter, less complicated time.” But he admits there’s more to it than just that. “It’s the beauty of these boats — [my Trumpy is] like a work of art. Many who designed these pre-war vessels were artists first and boatbuilders second.”

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