The Gingerbread Crew

BetsyJust for Fun, Steel Boat

While nutcrackers pranced and sugar plums danced,
a special magic fell upon Seeker by chance.

A dusting by fairies or mystical things,
turned the boat and the crew into gingerbread beings.



On Christmas morn’ she sailed the waves,
A crew that included Jacks, Aarons and Daves.

The skies were bright blue, all sunny and clear,
When all of a sudden, the bad did appear.


Where once he had sat
all sweet on the shelf,
A towering giant named
Rizzo the Elf.


Walking the plank
was the route of the crew,
Rizzo waved his sharp weapon,
Oh! What shall we do?



Drew and Ed,
Dean and Greg,
marched down the timber,
leg by leg.





He speared on his  trident,
poking them on,
Who will save them?
Where has Doug gone?



What hero could save
the Seeker’s crew,
How do you conquer
a gingerbread shrew?S1090001

When just out of nowhere, help did appear,
A long legged shepherd, and her sidekick “The Ears”.



“Don’t hurt the crew”, the shepherd proclaimed,
If you don’t step away, you will surely be maimed!
They sniffed and they licked until they were clear,
The tall evil elf was quite nothing to fear.






And there he fell
Ginger Rizzo’s no more,
Cold and stiff
on the rusty floor.



They munched and they crunched, 
the bad guy was gone,
And things were all normal by the next dawn.


Merry Christmas from all of us at the Shipyard.

Note: No elves or crew were harmed during the production (except of course for the edible ones).

A hardy thank you to the Seeker crew for having made 2015 a fantastic year. And a special thanks to Betsy for the screen play, baking, and choreography.