It will be a sight to behold on Aug 12th starting about 10:00 am. Ten years of hard work will be traveling 15 miles, from the SV Seeker boatyard at 2128 E Ute Street to the Tulsa Port of Catoosa. The boat will lead the way, with it’s pilothouse and mast traveling on a second trailer, close behind.

Ute Street will be closed to vehicle traffic. You are welcome to park at the Springdale Shopping Center at the corner of Pine and Lewis. There you can to see the boat convoy pass and make its turn eastward onto Pine. We suggest you don’t follow, but take Pine west to Highway 75 then North to Highway 11 and find a spot on the shoulder of the Port Road (36th Street North) You can also park at the Air and Space Museum. There is no rush. You will make it to the Port road long before Seeker. The south side shoulder on the east bound lane will provide the best vantage point. The Port road is wide, but the speed limits are high so stay on the shoulder and clear of the roadway.

A good location for a drones is a few miles east of the airport where Seeker will cross over Highway 169. Continuing eastward until the road narrows. You are still close to the airport so check the altitude limits and comply with all FAA regulations. Submit your photos and video clips to by August 16th. The winner will be announced at the VIP Launch Party on Aug 21st and the photos and/or video published in SV Seeker videos for tens of thousands of viewers to enjoy. We ask that you strive not to cause any delays to normal traffic and do not enter the Tulsa Port of Catoosa. For more information and updates join us on FaceBook. or Instagram: