Solar Water Heater and Dragons and a Mission Statement

DougFoam Sculpture, Steel Boat

d5c4a569f2aa34e180f7dcb5f42f8beeWe were closed last weekend so we could get some house work done but we managed to cobble together a video and we did get the dragons both mounted, but the solar tank is still leaking. ūüôā Anyway! I rambled for a bit in this video about the kind of boat Seeker is, and is not. Combine that with listening to the book: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change” and I figure it’s time to start drafting a Mission Statement for Seeker. And a good mission statement is not crafted in the back cabin. It’s done on deck with the input of crew, because it is both skipper and crew that will have to live by this statement. Maybe we should call it our code.

Starting Ideas:   Supporting learning, science, our oceans.  Inspiring.  Fun.  Get it done attitude.  Creative thinking.  Low Cost.   Provide assistance to those in need.  A research vessel for the citizen scientist.       Please add your suggestions in the comments.