Sneak Peek

DougJunk Shop

open soon

Just in time for Christmas (depending upon the capabilities of postal and shipping services) we will be swinging open the doors to our Junk Shop in the very near future. We’re starting small but we will be adding items of all shapes, sizes and prices as our “Fulfillment Department” becomes established and our storeroom begins to fill up with all sorts of “Junk You Don’t Need”.

Is It Value Priced?

Absolutely not! We don’t expect to beat anybody’s prices but then we aren’t selling anything that you absolutely must have to survive. Supplying your air, food, water, or shelter is not our concern and as for safety… do we even need to go there?

Why are you doing this?

We’ve considered standing on street corners but , trust us, you don’t really want us to fling open our accordion case and break into song. While there are things like “GoFundMe”, we just aren’t about that sort of thing and we’d rather you have some sort of souvenir to help offset the dent in your wallet.

So how much are you really ripping us off for?

Big Red Mug

Big Red Mug
Sketch, not the actual mug!

We’re not gonna hide a thing. Based on our cost and handling, etc, we’ll show you the “Suggested Retail Price”, but then the actual sale price is our inflated amount. Consider the difference a donation and we won’t hold it against you if you don’t want to buy our junk.

Why now?

We’re getting down to some high dollar items including paint and things we can’t manufacture ourselves as well as the actual “getting to water” move. In essence, it’s time to shake the money tree!

When will you finally float?

That’s just it, we’d like it to be sooner rather than later. Those who have come to weld, wire, cast, sandblast, etc., have helped bump up the float date, but there’s still lots to be done. We’ve been asked time and again if there’s any way that people can help who are unable to physically come to our shipyard.Now you have a way that you can help, and considering the cost of travel these days, purchasing an overpriced piece of Junk from us, will likely SAVE you loads of money in the end.

Will you have my size?


Black Tee
Sizes M-XXXL

Yes and no. We will have some apparel and we will carry a broad range of sizes but if you are way too big or too darn petite, you might want to choose a different piece of Junk. If you’ve watched our videos and read some of the comments on YouTube, you will already know that we are incapable of pleasing everyone all of the time.

When, When, WHEN?

Okay already, we should have some of our items posted this coming week however we will not be shipping anything out until AT LEAST December 9, so our advice to you is to not hang all your berries on our holly twig! Yes, we should have pulled all this together sooner in order to meet the holiday rush, but we were too busy building a boat!

Do we gift wrap?

Just getting these first items packed and to the post office will likely stretch our Christmas spirit to the end of our tinsel. This is always an option we will keep open in the future (the far off future) but for now, the answer if not just no, but HELL NO!

What if I just want to make a donation and not buy anything?

That’s easy. Just go ahead and order one of our overpriced pieces of Junk, then relist the item on ebay for the amount you think the item is REALLY worth. Once that sells, you can pocket that amount, which means you are only out the portion that you grossly overpaid from our Junk store. The difference (aka, Your Loss) is what you donated to us. How simple is that?

Gift Wrapping NOT Available!

Gift Wrapping NOT Available!

We’ll let you know as soon as the goodies arrive…. Happy Junk Shopping to you!