Ship’s Wheel

DougSteel Boat

1919346_10153475753496985_3821666722669861293_nThere are some amazingly talented people in this world and SV Seeker is fortunate to reach so many who want to share their skills. We often have folks sketch of a design for a part and then we adapt the design and go to work building it.  So when I saw a design for a 12742600_10153472951751985_2364829144397990734_nships wheel offered up by David Collins, my thoughts where, that’s really cool, but that’s a lot of work.   And then I learned that David was not offering the design; he was offing to create the complex pieces as well.

So I got busy working on the mount and David went to work sculpting the dragons.

Now we need your help.  The wood ring provides a location for an inscription, and we are looking for suggestions.  The inscription must reflect the boat.  Inspirational, positive, adventurous, and sense of the community that has come together for this project.  Please use the comments section below for your suggestions.  THANKS!  We have 7 we really like.  You can vote for them here: We have picked 7 quotes!  Vote for your favorite here:   And still add new ones.


David has created a 1/4 scale wheel and once the dragon is completed to his satisfaction he will create a 3D scan, enlarge the scan and cut the final piece on a CNC.













































Completed 1/4 scale dragon.