Portlights and Rigging and thinking about moving.

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image003 YouTuber Nick Richards of Renegade Trucker and Renegade Sailing stopped in last weekend and we talked about hauling the boat.  Turns out that Oklahoma is not third world with trucking permits.  You can go online 24/7 and get one.  It did give us a surprising route.  Certainly not the most direct path.  Betsy and I closely measured the boat at 16 feet to the top of the bulwarks.  The max is 18 feet, so if we build a custom trailer we should be able to clear all the obstacles.


ODOT Route for 17 feet high.

ODOT Route for 17 feet high.

vs160619-001Matt Stellpflug was in for the weekend from Minneapolis Minnesota.   My back was acting up so I took a back seat and let Matt and Bart do the lion’s share of work on tacking together our portlights.   Matt also got a 1/12th scale model of Seeker’s deck completed.  We will use that to help design the sails and layout the sail rigging.

This week we welcome Andrew and Craig from Atlanta Georgia.   With Jack and Bart who are also planing on working that will make five of us in the sweltering summer heat.  We’ll hopefully knock out the portlights and get a good start on the gangway.   Then we are done with the boat till fall. And instead I’ll be in the shop with the AC on high working to get the ROV into the water.

Many thanks to everyone who is watching and supporting the work!   –Doug