Portlight Help

DougPortholes, Steel Boat

We want to add portlights or portholes to the cabin tops.  I had a design for a wedge-shaped unit that is open at the top when the wedge is one way and then closed when the wedge is turned around.   It’s drawn showing it installed in a 3 foot, 1 meter, tall cabin tops, but we lowered our cabin tops to half that height.  So now the opening would have to be right at the deck in order to clear the ceiling when you pull it out to turn it around.   We can make it a wedge in the other direction as well, so it’s not as long at the bottom as it is across the top, but that makes for a strange shaped portlight.

We could buy portholes.  We actually bought a bunch of them from India but what we received was not want we paid for and I do not want to repeat that experience.  Does anyone need 19, aluminum portholes of various designs and conditions?

19 inch aluminum portholes

19 inch aluminum portholes

We could build 12 inch portholes, maybe even cast them.  Devin Holland came up with the following design.  It’s a starter, but like the wedge idea, it does not account for the 2 1/2″ wall thickness behind the steel.

What we are looking for is something that provides light to the interior, opens for ventilation, but it will need to be fitted with an insect screen.  The cabin top leans inward so it has allow water to drain away.  Must securely close.  And needs to be centered at least half way above the deck.

Let us know your thoughts and ideas.