Mermaid 2 of 2 – Figureheads for Seeker

DougSteel Boat

vs161103-001The mundane, the bland, the ordinary, is waiting on the self for us at every big box store and a robot at Amazon is moving around millions of these items daily.  A dive through our neighborhoods and house after the same house displays the same consumer-off-the-shelf decorations.  An inflatable pumpkin for Halloween, some wire reindeer for Christmas.   We drive the same cars, live in the same houses, wear the same cloth, vacation at the same places.  We may be alive, but we are brain-dead.   We disdain the thought of being herd animals yet we follow along like good little sheep. And worse we incriminate those that take a different path.   “Not true of me?”  you say?   Really?

We are born inquisitive and adventurous, and imaginative, and creative.  And though parenting, school, church, and media it dies.  This homogenized world is not killing us.  It is the result of our death.

Today, try blowing some life into that ember of humanity that remains.  Find something you are told not to like and learn, not only like it, but love it for being different.  Even better! Go do something that will make some waves and spark some imagination.  LIVE!