DIY Reverse Osmosis Watermaker – Part 5 – Operation

BetsySteel Boat

Yes! No Labels on anything obvious. I believe that if you can not look at a system with pumps, pipes, and valves and understand how it works, then you need to spend more time learning about pumps, pipes and valves. It’s right up there with knowing how to change a flat and check the oil level. Labels or written instructions are only going to give you enough false confidence to screw it up. Don’t! Just walk away and let someone how has played with pumps, pipes, and valves work it. And trust me. If you build it, you will know who to use it. So then comes the really bizarre manifestation of fear in the form of the hypothetical. “But what if you are the only one that knows how to use it and you are incapacitated?” Ok, so in this hypothetical hallucination you; the master water-maker operator, have been seriously injured on deck from snapped tow line. You have a compound fracture are arterial bleeding. Your not so crack crew, …by their own admission they can”t figure out two pumps some pipe and valves. …they are in a state of panic. To calm their nerves they decide on a cup of tea. But wait! The last gallon of fresh water just got poured out on deck in an effort to wash off the blood. No tea. You will most certainly die. And seven days later if there is no rain, so will they. Somehow that seems fitting.