Diesel Jet Boat Build – Part 6 – Flotation Foam

DougSteel Boat











I will never call a boat unsinkable, but we can make it difficult. At the end of this video we also show some YouTubers Building Their Own Ocean Going Boats.

Waltzingalma      https://goo.gl/ubghwh

Dvseire –  Small Sailboat Restoration      https://goo.gl/3TBrTy

SV Tapatya      https://goo.gl/p1zprb

Frantic Sailing Adventures     https://goo.gl/ky7DVu

SV Rusty Junk      https://goo.gl/KvGd5h

Life On The Mold      https://goo.gl/twxKMn

Sea Dreamer Project      https://goo.gl/8rPgzT

Building Brupeg      https://goo.gl/qroJCY

Salt & Tar      https://goo.gl/jG2PHJ

Finding Simon      https://goo.gl/NbpMH3

Acorn To Arabella      https://goo.gl/J3hWR4

Sampson Boat Co      https://goo.gl/eCWYSo

Sail Life      https://goo.gl/CMCfRb