Davits EFA

DougSteel Boat

We asked our viewers to help with the FEA, or Finite Element Analysis which is a computer process that predicts if a structure is adequate for a specific load. My engineering background is “that looks strong enough” and all items are measured by the number of pounds they sustained before doing permanent damage to the structure. Engineers work from the other direction. They start with a design load then build a structure in the computer and plug in a “safety factor” such as 2.5 which means the structure should actually only fail when 2.5 times it’s design load is applied. The FEA simulation identifies the portion of the structure nearest the safety factor. Unfortunately this is a complete waste of time on us farm boys who know they do this and will apply twice the recommended load with little concern.  …unless it is Chinese made.

Francys Therrien from Montreal, Quebec stepped forward and modeled our davits in CAD, ran the FEA process and generated a detailed report.  It was best to run the FEA without the attachments to the pilothouse roof, but we will attach them to the roof as they will add support to the roof as well as gain some support from the roof.  The bottom line is that each davit can be loaded with 3371 pounds and stay within the 2.5 safety factor.   So will I be willing to put 7000 pounds on one davit?   Hell Yes!

Thank you Francys!