Companionway Lift and more…


I question myself when I want to add something that I have never seen on a boat.   But this one just makes a lot of sense to me, and lugging the 80 pound welder, and plasma cutter, grinders, and steel up and down the companionways has convinced me this is a really good idea.   Putting a lift into the companionways actually started because we wanted to be accessible.  While Seeker is not going to be wheel chair accessible there is still much we can do to make it more accessible and ladders are high on the no-go list for folks missing a leg or two.  So boat tradition be damned, we’re putting in lifts.    Yes, we could use the deck crane but think about all the things that have to be done before you can swing a load through a cargo hatch using hydraulics and a crane that needs to be secured.   The lift will make the trip in about 30 seconds.    So BRAVO to Russ, Eli, and Clyde that worked out the details and made the parts that got my idea from paper to steel.   There is more work to be done and refinements to be made but the first parts are in place and working.

And I did an interview with Julie from DirtPatchHeaven Click here to see it.     –Doug