Chinese Junk Sailboat – Catwalks and Keels and Engine

DougCatwalks, Keels, Steel Boat


We say goodbye to Marc Hofmann our new crew member from Vienna Austria who is continuing his tour of the USA.   He wisely picked Fort Lauderdale, Florida as his next port of call.  I love this project because I get to meet and be inspired by people like Marc.   I wish more young people had Marc’s insight into the world, and the adventurous spirit that makes you get on a plane and fly to New York city with no planning.  Just take it one moment at a time and let it unfold; LIVE.   However, a word of advice from Marc.  When the immigration officer ask where you are planing on staying,  do not say “I don’t know”.   That apparently is enough to raise a neurotic red flag with immigration enforcement types and it will land you in a small room for an hour or so.     Welcome to the land of the free.