Casting Test

DougCasting, Steel Boat

Remember those winch capstans we were trying to cast?

vs151204-003We’ll we’re back messing with it.  I had one more bock mold that I know is too thin to work, but it made a great test sample.  Paul and I used 2″ thick ceramic blanket to make a temporary burn our furnace that will let me use larger block molds.  And we got it to 1000F with a propane burner in 2 hours that will let us not just burn it out but also let us use the better burner to melt the NiBrAl (Bronze) so we can pour into a hot mold.   That’s all good news!


















We also experimented with adding letters and patterns to our dead lights for the port holes and we like the results.   Tomorrow we hope to cast our first dead light in aluminum.