Casting Porthole Deadlights – First Failure

DougCasting, Portholes, Steel Boat


It didn’t work but I am accustomed to that on the first try.  Come to think of it, I am accustomed to that on the second and third try too.   But we have great hope for our plans based on watching the sand slowly crack and fall out while we carefully moved the top have of the mold.  But it was still a very enjoyable day with Hugh and Su joining Paul and I.


Tomorrows plan calls for building a steel reinforcing frame that will be embedded in the sand for the top side of the mold and keep it from falling apart.






This was the first time we melted aluminum in this furnace and it was amazing how fast it went.  A full 30 pound crucible was ready in less than an hour, long before we had the finished the mold.  Tomorrow we will do the molding first and not be so rushed, then fire the furnace once we have a good mold ready.










Always a beautiful sight.   Even if you’re just pouring ingots.