Boat Building Dry Exhaust, Fuel Tanks, Cable Trays, Battery Storage, and Bow Rollers

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Meet Mona. Mona is from Kiel, Germany and she is not only a working crew member, but also our first biologist on Seeker with experience on a research vessel in the Baltic Sea. And she is looking forward to using Seeker in the future. “If you build it, they will come.” and apparently they will show up and help you build it too.
Projects that extend over years have phases, and you get comfortable with each phase making it more difficult to move into the next. Maybe that is why so many home build boat builders get a hull done, but don’t make the switch to adding the interior. Clearly we are done with moving big sheets of steel and running three-foot welds, and have moved onto paint, equipment, and interior work. It feels good. Really good. And a warm thank you for your support. –Doug