American Hobo – Francis “Unit” Estrella

DougSteel Boat






Meet Francis Estrella, who showed up to teach me about freedom, kindness and happiness. While working up on the boat we noticed a man with a backpack that walked off the railroad tracks at sat down on the curb across the street to rest. Homeless are common on our street so other than the instrument case he fit right in. He gave us a friendly wave and waited till we took a break before he rang the bell at the gate. He said he didn’t want to take any of our time, but he had been watching our videos and had come by to give us a coin to place under the mast. After chatting a bit, I learned he had traveled well over 2000 miles from Oakland California to press a Buffalo Head nickel into my hand. Next time you see what you think is just another lost soul. Stop to consider he might be Francis. He’s not lost at all, and he is someone you should really meet. –Doug

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