Seeker LIVE Jan 21, 2017

DougLive, Steel Boat

    Howdy!   We’re doing something new.   Saturday mornings at 10 am we are going to be live.   You get to ask questions, see what is going on, meet the crew and maybe a visitor.  We are in Tulsa Oklahoma which is -6 hours from GMT, so figure out what that means for you and join us. … Read More

Companionway Lift and more…


I question myself when I want to add something that I have never seen on a boat.   But this one just makes a lot of sense to me, and lugging the 80 pound welder, and plasma cutter, grinders, and steel up and down the companionways has convinced me this is a really good idea.   Putting a lift into … Read More

Cabin Frames, Bow Roller Mods, and a Rocket Stove

DougSteel Boat

            Sometimes you need to slow down and relax, and when you don’t you lose $100 parts to the drill, the welder breaks down, the plasma torch dies, your laptop dies, and you catch a cold. Maybe these are good things. Maybe it’s the Universe making us slow down. And you know what? It’s right. … Read More