The Code

Courtesy of Patrick Forringer:  “ROV code update, we’ve decided to use open ROV as a base for the new code base. They have a lot of structure already in place for handling most of the functions needed. I’ve created a github group for the project. I’ve stripped out all the un-needed code.”     GitHub Site
The Arduino controller is a very commonly used robotics controller with a broad base of support, code, and add-ons available. The power requirement is 7 to 12 volts DC.

Arduino Ethernet Shield Buy Install Reference

DIYDrones ArduIMU+ V3 $80

Adafruit 10-DOF IMU Breakout – L3GD20 + LSM303 + BMP180
L3DG20 gyroscope + LSM303DLHC accelerometer compass + BMP180 barometric/temperature sensors

Triple-axis Accelerometer+Magnetometer (Compass) – LSM303 $24.95
Download Adafruit_LSM303-master from

HMC5883L Digital Compass Module – Blue


Other Arduino Sources:


Startech 10/100 VDSL Ethernet Extender $[/caption]

A single twisted pair ( 2 conductors ) is provided from the surface vessel to the ROV. In order to make use of off-the-shelf Ethernet equipment a the connection will be used as a Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line or VDSL2 technology uses a bandwidth up to 30 MHz. It was developed to allow ordinary 24 awg telephone twisted pair wiring to be used for computer network communication from 10 to 50 Mbit/s at 3,300 ft (1 km).

Startech 10/100 VDSL Ethernet Extender Kit tested with Ixia QCheck using 100kByte samples consistently ran up to 43.7Mbps over 3000 ft of 1 pair 24 awg wire.

Startec VDSL User Manual 10/100 VDSL2 Test Results
Feet 1000Kb
0 89 61.5
1000 29 9.5
2000 28 9.3
3000 23 9.2 27.2 20 19.3 24.2 43.7 26
4000 17 8.4





 10/100 VDSL2
Tested 43.7Mbs over 3000 ft single twisted pair

The problem with LAN switch not working and needing to use a HUB is that ARP messages are being blocked by the DSL unit this is Normal as the telco do not want your ARP messages being sent to the internet. The DSL unit will have a setup with it acting like a Gateway and then all you need to do is setup a route on you laptop to point to the DSL Gateway IP address for the IP address Range on the sub side.

Notes: 10/100 VDSL2
Ethernet Extender Kit over Single Pair Wire 1 km
2.8″W x 3.7″D x .9″H 3.2 oz
$275/pair 1-extender and 1-receiver, no dip switch to change role,
1 Ethernet Port, 12V DC

The StarTeck VDSL kit

Other VDSL solutions:

VC-201A Planet 10/100 Ethernet Extender over RJ-11 $129
1 – RJ45 Ethernet Port. PIN3 and 4 are used 1000m=15Mbs
3.9″W x 2.75D x 1.1″H 2A @ 5V Better to have 12V

4pr 24 gauge AWG 4 pair Cat 5E Direct Bury

The single twisted pair umbilical will be provided by the vessel but cable need for testing will be a common burial Cat5 network cable with 4, 24 awg twisted pairs.

Manufactures of deep sea cables.

The cables below are not designed for high loads or deep sea environments. But they low cost, readily available, often discounted on ebay, and worthy of testing.

ebay: 24/4pr 24 gauge AWG 4 pair Cat 5E cable wire Essex 1143-H direct burial 1000 ft $119.75 On-Order

Belden 8205 28lbs 4.6mm 20 AWG stranded (7×28) tinned copper conductors, PVC insulation, twisted pairs,
ebay $415.95 / 1000ft 918 633 1489 18awg 1pair Shielded 500ft $100

Outdoor/Direct Burial Speaker Cable, Black, Pure Copper, 18/2 (18 AWG 2 Conductor), 7 Strand, 1000ft 237+28= $265

1000 foot Direct Burial Cat6 Black Ethernet Cable Spool, Solid Copper, CMXT, Waterproof Tape $187.49+28= $215×8-622nh.php

Slip Ring

Flaking cable out onto the boat deck works well for a few hundred feet, but slip rings are cheap to add to the cable spool to make deploying and retrieving the cable


Get an IL-6-FS for the end of the cable, and a BH-6-MP. 6 conductor, each individual pin is self sealing. Use the MC series if you need smaller dia. Get a spare IL-6-FS and use the other 4 conductors for straight Ethernet so you can plug the laptop directly in if your troubleshooting the sea cable — Andrew

Leighton Mauro 281-900-3714
Qty.2 IL-6-FS are $41.20ea and the Qty.1 BH-6-MP is $61.80. with Qty. 2 DLSA-F $7.00ea and Qty. 1 DLSA-M $7.00ea.

PAVE Technology Company (937) 890-1100 x103 tech sales — surplus penetrators

Hydro Group

Strain Termination Example:

Bulkhead Example:

Cable Example:


Woods Hole use mineral oil in all PBOF (Pressure balanced/oil filled) systems. Thrusters have NNL690-G Oil Fortifier added for lubrication. $74/gallon It’s normally used in gear boxes and transmissions.

Teflon jacketed wire is the way to go or SOOW rated extension cord holds up for years. SOOW stands for: S = Service Cord (600 Volts), OO = Oil Resistant both inside insulation and outside jacket, W = designation for weather/water resistance.

Splicing: 3M Scotch 23 Self-Fusing Tape and and Scotchkote 14853 liquid. I usually do 3 layers, the stretch on the vulcanizing has to be just right though. I usually pull it until the dots on the surface just start to disappear.