Craftsmen Artists MakersOne of the best things about building Seeker is having the opportunity to share the talents of Makers, Artists and Craftsmen from around the world.

Take a look at some of the projects that Seeker Friends have helped us with in the past, and opportunities we have now. If you see a project that you’d like to help with, contact Doug at and let’s get to work!

Completed Projects

Assigned Projects Underway

Project Proposals (Wanna help?)

Project Proposals

If this is something you’d like to take on, email Doug at
These are things that we know we would like that you might want to help us with. You can propose your idea to us, and if we like your design, we’ll work with you to make it happen. We know that many of you have talents and skills — let’s work together.

Water Maker

If you google “Water Evaporator”, here’s what you get. How would you do this?

A flash evaporator is the basic water maker I want for Seeker, but I want to develop plans for unit that we can build and maintain on-board without complicated parts. And one that can also make some water passively with a small pump and solar or stove heating. And I want it tied in with a hot water supply system as well as a radiator heating system. A water maker that can provide small quantities of water is that it can operate without the necessity or reliance on an engine. Fewer dependencies in any system is a better system in my book. And as it will be able to generate great quantities of water when powered off the main or auxiliary engine; we will be able to provide water of a number of people when the need arises. And by building the unit ourselves we will be able to pass alone a low cost design to others. Take a look at our Fresh Water webpage to learn more.
If this is something you’d like to take on, email Doug at


They’re Playing Our Song

Annie Ellicott during the filming of our Music Video

If Cousteau and Calpyso could have a song, then why can’t we? Thanks to Annie Ellicott, Mark Southerland, David James and a group of talented musicians and artists, we can say that our song (that features the Port of Catoosa) is in the works. It’s a catchy tune (think ear worm) and you’ll be humming along in no time. Stay tuned.  The music video is currently in post-production.








ROV Battery Charger Boxes Jim Hunt is working on this one.


ROV Wiring Diagram

Per Alvin Kiilerich Frederiksen is documenting the ROV’s wiring as soon as there is ROV wiring to document.


Ship’s Wheel

Prototype of Ship’s Wheel

David Collins from Virginia is creating our Ship’s Wheel and we couldn’t be happier with the design. David has created a 1/4 scale wheel and once the dragon is completed to his satisfaction he will create a 3D scan, enlarge the scan and cut the final piece on a CNC. The wood ring will have an inscription that was chosen by our Facebook Group. Here’s a link to the blog post with more photos.


Completed Projects


Morgo Thruster

Here’s the latest update to the Mor-Go thruster for our ROV designed by Drew Morgan.

Drew Morgan

Many thanks to Hermann Godø as well for some earlier prototypes that you can see on our Thruster page.









Alan Demsher & friends in California making the clay model

We knew there was a place for mermaids on Seeker and Alan Demsher, an art teacher from Shasta, California designed a pair of ladies, Portia & Stella, that grace the bow of the boat. Alan first made a clay model, then shipped himself and the 10 foot mold to our doorstep in October, 2016, for a weekend of fiberglass fun.


Betsy painted the ladies, Doug gave them a sparkling finish, and crew helped name them Portia (for Port) and Stella (for Starboard). Each weighs bout 75 lbs and is securely bolted to the bulwards and hull.

Visitors Book

Visiting Crew also sign our guest book.

Bruce Atkinson of Nannup, Australia, presented us with a beauitful hand tooled Guest Book that we keep in our Guest Quarters. Visiting crew get to read the comments of those who have come before them, as well as sign their own name,home port and brief comments of their experience.

Bruce Atkinson

Log Book

Log Books

Log Books

A beautiful set of Log Books were handcrafted and tooled by Andrew Rouen in Byron Bay, Australia. We can’t wait to start filling them with our adventures on the water. Andrew is a master craftsman. Here’s more about Leela Valley Leather

Day Tank

David Finch fabricated a day tank to our specifications for our engine room. While living in Kansas, David came to visit several times before moving to Wisconsin where he is a welding engineer.