NOTE: Tours will only be given on Saturdays between the hours of 10 am – 2 pm. Please email for special requests or reservations. Thank you for your cooperation.

Need some personal attention? Here’s how to get it!



The best way to reach Doug or anybody at SV Seeker is through email.

To inquire about visiting our Tulsa shipyard, booking our guest accomodations, directions, technical questions or just about anything else, email

Ask anybody, but we’ll be honest with you … we just don’t answer the phone very often. It’s not that we hate the phone, but if we’re working on the boat, it’s not usually with us, or we can’t hear it ring over the grinding. Same goes for text messages — if we can’t hear the phone, we likely aren’t going to look at it!

If you need to have a chat, you can message us on Facebook, and we even have a Skype account — somewhere — but like the phone, it’s better to send us an email and then we can make an appointment (of sorts) where we will sit by the phone like a teenage date queen and wait for your call. We’re in the United States (country code 1) at 918-630-4050. Good Luck!


Got a question about the stuff in our Online store be it sizes, what it’s made of, whether or not we gift wrap (wait, we need to stop laughing before we can go on)……. delivery, or so on, then you probably ought to email Betsy at since she has a better grip on that stuff than Doug.


We know you’re pretty clever and like to see if you can figure out where we’re located by watching the videos and piecing clues together, but we know there are others who just can’t be bothered. 2128 E. Ute, Tulsa, OK 74110.

BTW — if you’re of thinking of stopping by for a tour, send us an email at least a day before hand just to make sure we’re working on the boat and not out of town.   Check our Calendar for a rough idea of what’s happening at the Shipyard.

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