Doug Jackson SV Seeker Tulsa, OK USA

Doug Jackson
SV Seeker
Tulsa, OK USA

My name is Doug Jackson.  I am the ambition and drive behind SV Seeker, but my success comes from knowing a lot of brilliant and skilled people who are drawn together around the sailboat Seeker.

SV Seeker

SV Seeker is not just a sailboat nor a yacht.  SV Seeker is a work boat, a research vessel, my dream and a tool for making dreams come true. I’ve always wanted to do something grand and daring.   Something that filled my passions, not just the hours of my day or a bank account.   It started with building submarines, and with confidence it became building Seeker.   When completed I will have every skill I need to keep her in shape, and she will have the strength to take us to see and study the wonders of the world’s oceans.

Seeker will cater to adventurers, explorers, oceanographers, divers, wreck hunters, marine biologists and archaeologist and we will do it free of charge.  If you want to be a part, then allow me to welcome you aboard.

Our crew is forming now.  You can join the volunteers that are helping to build Seeker.  Sharpen your skills,  pass your skills onto others, learn new skills, build friendships and earn your passage onto Seeker when she is plying the waters in search of a better understanding of our planet and it’s history.

Contact Info:
Cell: (918) 630-4050 (Note: I prefer emails. I seldom use my phone or text.)
Facebook: SVSeeker
SnailMail:  2128 E. Ute St. Tulsa OK 74110 USA

Mission Statement

SV Seeker will look for the truth in life, whether in science, society, or ourselves.   We will value caring for ourselves, taking time to understand our planet and the people on it, working together and supporting each other.  The objective is to complete the work at hand while living full lives and inspiring others to do the same.  Our crew will be made up of individuates that embrace this code.  Crew are responsible for being informed, making their concerns know, and working to ensure the success of a chosen course.   We will have fun.  If the people around you are laughing, you’re doing it right.  We embrace flexibility, change, learning, love, compassion, and acceptance. It will be our pleasure to serve and improve the lives of others whenever we can.  Fear is our only enemy.  The thought of doing something is always more frightening than actually doing it.   LIVE.




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  1. Hi Doug, SupaNautica (and MotoLexy) on YouTube here. I thought I’d swing by, see the site, looks great. I may not be able to get over there to help build, but I can watch, learn and when I’m confident welding, I might actually weld up something small and send it over for you to use in the SV Seeker. Not sure what yet, but I’d put some creative thoughts together and make sure it’s good.