Tally Ho Challenge Coin


Tally Ho Challenge Coin

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Wow..  we ran out  but more are already on order.    We’ll be happy to take your money — put you on backorder and then ship it out as soon as it arrives!   Or you can wait.   Thanks so much for your support.

Presenting another beautiful Challenge Coin representing a YouTube Boat Builder.

  • Tally Ho was designed in 1909 by Albert Strange and built in 1910 with the name Betty.  Her name was changed to Tally Ho and she won the Fastnet Race in the UK in 1927.   Shipbuilder and sailor, Leo Goolden is rebuilding Tally Ho after rescuing her from a West Coast Shipyard in the US.  Since her race days, she had been used as a private vessel as well as a commercial fishing vessel.   
  • The exquisite details of this coin are highlighted in antique silver with brushed antique silver recess for a stunning multi-dimensional design depicting Tally Ho and her designer, Albert Strange.  Coins are 1.75″ (44mm) in diameter and approximately .125″ (3mm) thick.
  • Several Youtube boat builders have teamed up to offer their own Challenge Coins.  You’ll want them all!
  • Net proceeds from the sale of this coin goes to Leo Goolden and Sampson Boat Company to help pay for materials and expenses to rebuild Tally Ho and see her seaworthy again.  You can follow Tally Ho oon Youtube or at Leo’s website
  • Challenge coins have been around since the Greek and Roman times. Unit coins and military coins are given as gifts to service members who accomplished a task or did a good deed. 
  • Purchase more than one coin at receive 15% off or purchase the entire Boatbuilders set for a 25% discount.

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