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You can watch all of our videos for free on YouTube and software exists that you can capture and save those videos  at no charge, BUT….  for those who must have a copy and don’t want to take the time to DIY, we’ve done it for you.     You get a brand new Toshiba Canvio Connect II  1TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive loaded with our videos, dating back to 2010.   You’ll receive on your drive every video up to the date of your order (including the submarine and ROVs).    With a TB of storage, there’s room for you to add new videos as they are released.

These videos are in several formats (mp4, m2t, wmv, movie clip) as technology has changed along the way  Fortunately all can be viewed on a PC or Mac using  VLC Media Player by VideoLAN.   It’s free and  is available for download on VLCs website.

If you are in a slow or no Internet zone, this is the way to go.   You can sort the videos using your computer file explorer so you can choose what you want to watch by date, or title.


Note:  Full product details on the Canvio Connect II are available here.

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