ROV Hull Completed

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 It’s finally coming together.  All the hull pieces are assembled and we’ve started running wires to the various components inside.   Once that is done we’ll take her to the lake; not to run but to simply see where she needs weight to trim her and make her just slightly positive buoyant.   Then comes the programming.  Fortunately Drew Morgan and Patrick … Read More

ROV Wiring, Ice Damage, and Talk about a Water Maker

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Many thanks to Bart and Paul for fixing stuff around the shop.  Jim, Drew, Tim, and Ole Hermann Godø for help with the ROV Thruster.  And Cody, Bob, and a few others for contributing idea for a water distillation unit.    We appreciate all the support.   –Doug      

Boat Transport – 15 miles to the Tulsa Port of Catoosa

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Bart has a long career driving Army tanks and commercial trucks hauling oversize loads.  And he was the perfect crew member to go with me to look at some heavy hauling equipment.  We just wanted to see if it would work for hauling the boat, but now we think we might just build some wheels onto the keels.  Temporary of course. … Read More

ROV – Remotely Operated Vehicle work continues…

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Back to the ROV, and the first job was to remake one of hull sections.   I expect that we will be modifying parts on this ROV for a long while but I have growing confidence that it will be a real game changer in that we’ll be able to reach 3000 ft with forward and side viewing sonars for … Read More

Seeker LIVE Jan 21, 2017

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    Howdy!   We’re doing something new.   Saturday mornings at 10 am we are going to be live.   You get to ask questions, see what is going on, meet the crew and maybe a visitor.  We are in Tulsa Oklahoma which is -6 hours from GMT, so figure out what that means for you and join us. … Read More

Cabin Frames, Bow Roller Mods, and a Rocket Stove

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            Sometimes you need to slow down and relax, and when you don’t you lose $100 parts to the drill, the welder breaks down, the plasma torch dies, your laptop dies, and you catch a cold. Maybe these are good things. Maybe it’s the Universe making us slow down. And you know what? It’s right. … Read More

Bow Roller, Rudder, Deck Crane and more

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   A lot got done this past week.  “DC” and I finished out his week by figuring out a design for working the anchors on and off the boat, including a bow roller, chain stopper, and a possible redesign on the winch that will make it easy to switch out a capstan for a spool of steel cable.   Then … Read More

A visit to SV Seeker & Future Plans

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How about sailing a Chinese Junk to the South Pacific and investigating the naval battlefields of World War II?   It sounds to me like the perfect job for Seeker.  And our friend and crew member Nick is doing all the leg work.  Check out his YouTube channels:  Renegade Show  and Sailing Through History and here more about our plans in … Read More

Cabin Floors and Decks

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Many thanks to “DC”,  Paul Hatch, Richard Day, Bart, and Betsy and all of you.  Please stop sending extension cords and locking plugs.  🙂   We feel the love and absolutely appreciate your support. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you!   Working beside Seeker crew has been the greatest gift I have.   Betsy’s got a new ankle for Christmas and … Read More