Mizzen Mast Step, Davits, Rudder Chain and Cable

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          In between the rain and tornadoes, Seeker crew have been hard at work.  With a lot of help from Hollis who was up from San Antonio, Texas got the davits mounted on the transom.  These will lift the 15 foot aluminum tender from the water and suspend it behind the boat.  And we are enjoying Normann’s … Read More

Bulwarks, CNC Routing, Casting Anodes, Decking, Chocks and more…

DougSteel Boat

          Sure is a lot of boat building stuff in this video. Loving this Spring weather and the progress. Many thanks to Bart, Paul, Nathan, David, a team from Oneok and Betsy for making it happen.  And thanks too, for our viewers and supports.  Keep it positive and keep the dream happening.