Cathodic Protection

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Cathodic protection is one of those topics that brings out the worst in boaters as too many think they have the absolute truth and few of them agree on it.  The truth seems to be vague because of the number of variables.   Fresh or salt or brackish water.   Steel, aluminum, wood, or fiberglass hull.  Aluminum outdrive, or stainless and … Read More

Metal Casting, Aluminum & Aluminum Bronze with Match Plates

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Ya just gota love the beauty of pouring molten metal into a mold and watching something form that will last for thousands of years.  It just never grows old. And we got lots of great assistance from Bart, Richard, Chris, Betsy, Paul, Tom, and Drew Smith who drove over his thermocoupler and even those tourist; Thomas, Jason and Ed that dropped … Read More


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We learned while cutting the panels for the Mizzen sail; the really small one, that measuring and cutting the each panel correctly is very important and it takes a long time.  We already have the shapes for each panel in CAD so wouldn’t it be dandy to cut them on the CNC Table.  They are actually too big to cut … Read More