Tender Davits, CNC Routing and more

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Almost done with the davits, getting along cutting patterns for casting our bow rollers. Making plans for adding a 3D printer to our Tormach CNC mill, and still thinking about where to put wheels under the boat. Many thanks to Herb for his help!        

Betsy’s Banana Bread

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Coffee cake and banana bread seems to be favorites among the crewmembers and as I keep misplacing my recipe for banana bread, I’m going to put it on the blog….   now when I say I can’t find it, you can remind me.  🙂 Doug eats lots of bananas.  Tinka eats lots of bananas (yes, seriously.. the Basset loves bananas). … Read More

Seeker LIVE Mar 4, 2017 – Shop Remodel

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Excellent weekend.  Bruce came up from OKC and he it going to be helping design our hydraulic system.  Leigh and Caroline stopped in from New Brunswick.  Awesome to spend the weekend with a man that has spent his life on the water.   Jack and Bart and Joachim Johansen from Norway rounded out the crew.  Dam if we didn’t get … Read More